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The Power of Visualisation


I strongly believe in the power of visualisation. Don’t describe your future as something you “hope” to achieve. Picture it as something you will absolutely accomplish. Hope is often not a strong enough emotion to motivate action. You must be convinced what you dream is your future reality. Visualise what it would be like when your dreams become a reality. See everything about them with clear clarity.

Visualising has been confirmed to work in a number of studies. There have been experiments where people who visualised were able to solve a personal problem or conflict before other people who didn’t. Everything you do in the world is merely an external manifestation of what has already happened in your mind. In your mind, anything is possible. 

When we are children, we believe anything is possible. Socialisation often teaches us what we can’t do, what we are not capable of doing. Limitations and impossibilities are just programming we learn as we get older. So it is important to break free from this type of thinking. If you believe in your future vision, you continue to position yourself and prepare to move in that direction. Even if things don’t go your way, you can continue forward in the same direction. Be relentness. Your future vision should always be stronger than any setbacks will be. 

Choose a time when you will visualise without any distractions and not get carried away by the thought. Take your time, take it seriously, and do it properly. Imagine yourself healthy, fit, confident and enjoying your successful life. Visualise concrete situations even if they haven’t yet occurred. Begin to feel emotion arising from this experience, let it grow and permeate through you. Start to approach your life as if you were this person already. If you can, schedule 10-20 minutes each day (or week) for a self-review and a visualisation session.

Secondly, don’t just visualise success, visualise your poor choices, habits or actions. This may seem counter-intuitive but it helps with motivation and emotional release. Ask yourself if things are currently working. Ask yourself what can you do better. Recall and review the events that led you to your current situation. The goal is not to dwell, but to explore what habits hold you back; what is preventing progress toward achieving your goals. Feel the discomfort associated with your previous choices, ask yourself what positive habits you could choose to take you where you want to go, then visualise yourself overcoming those feelings and moving forward successfully.