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Vancouver Hiking/Trail Running Guide


I am now available to guide you on a hiking or trail running adventure tour in Stanley Park, the North Vancouver mountains or the Sea to Sky back country.

Who might benefit?

Is it your first time in the mountains, or are you inexperienced, and want someone to help teach and guide you without the fear of getting lost or being ill-prepared? Learning from a mentor is the best way to rapidly gain experience in any skill.

Are you visiting Vancouver and have the same concerns or just want someone to handle all the logistics?

Are you a hiker or hiking group that wants someone to lead the hike, figure out the logistics, so everyone is prepared, you don't get lost and all get home safe?

Are you a visiting trail runner who wants to experience the best trail experience Vancouver can offer in the most efficient way possible?

Are you worried about bears?

Are you unsure what trails you can do based on seasonal conditions? Don't get caught out by changing conditions and lack of preparation. Multiple times I have stumbled upon tourists and rescued them off a mountain in the dark because they underestimated the trail, did not have the right footwear, did not have sufficient lights and could not get back to their car in time.

Do you want to experience hiking or running in the snow and don't know where to go and what to bring?

Are you unsure if you have the ability to do a specific trail, such as the Howe Sound Crest Trail? I have the fastest known time on the Howe Sound Crest Trail on the more challenging North to South direction in 5 and a half hours ( This challenging and technical hike can take up to two days to complete for people of average fitness. People constantly underestimate its difficulty. I can help guide and train you to achieve success in your goal by testing your ability, taking you on parts of a trail and teaching you what you need to know. I can also guide you on an entire day or multi-day hiking trip depending on your condition.

I am a very experienced outdoor adventurer with two decades of mountain experience. I am experienced having explored all the trails surrounding Vancouver--across all seasonal conditions--and I know the most beautiful locations. I have climbed hundreds of mountains and experienced all conditions and I am proud to say I have never had to call on rescue services. I am well prepared and can guide and teach you how to be also.

I'm here to take the stress out of your planning, don't worry about figuring out what trails you should do, whether the seasonal conditions allow you to do it or not, don't worry about getting lost or not being able to find the trails to the best viewpoints. I will ensure you have a memorable experience and you will get home safe.

I take care of all logistics for the tour once we are on foot (where we meet, where we go etc..) and what you will need to bring. However, transport and accomodation is not included, you will need to arrange your own but I can help you figure it out. Public transport options can get you to most places we need to start from.


Learn more about me by clicking here.

Educational: I can teach you how I adventure in the mountains. What gear I use, how I fuel my body, how to treat and prevent injuries, everything about running and hiking skills and how to safely experience the mountains. I will answer any of your questions throughout the day.

Photos: For an extra fee I can capture your day with professional photography. Check out my instagram account @scramblingtothesummit for my portfolio.

Fitness Required: Open to all levels of fitness from beginner to advanced.

The tour can be hiking or trail running depending on your fitness and personal preferences. We will go as fast or as slow as you choose.  

For trail runners, I can take you to the best locations and plan the day so you can relax without having to figure out the logistics. We can push the pace as fast as you want to go.

For hikers and novice runners, we will go at the pace comfortable for you, and what I think you will be able to maintain. There will be ample opportunity for rest periods if you need them. Please don't fear you will not be capable enough, the day is all about you and helping you becoming more active and adventurous.

If you are concerned about your fitness, please contact me. I am happy to teach inexperienced people how to safely enjoy the mountains. The fitter you are, the more we can see and do, so please bear that in mind with your expectations for the day.  If you want help preparing for the experience, I can also coach you


Tour up to 8 people (Stanley Park): One hour: $25. Two hours: $40. Available 7 days a week.

Beautiful run through the forest trails. Mostly flat and non technical trails.


Tour up to 4 people (North Shore Mountains): Two hours: $50. Half day: $100 (3-5 hrs).  Full day: $175 (6 or more hrs). Available 7 days a week.

Potential Locations: Cypress Mountain (Black Mountain, St Marks Summit), Grouse Mountain (i.e. Grouse Grind, Snowshoe Grind, BCMC, Dam Mountain, Crown Mountain etc..), Mt Fromme, Lynn Valley and Lynn Peak, Mt Seymour (Lower Mountain Trails, Pump Peak, Mt Seymour Peak), Baden Powell Trail, Quarry Rock. Mostly forest, mountain trails, technical trails.


Tour up to 4 people (Backcountry Sea to Sky Corridor): Full day: $200-500 (depending on location). Available only on certain days. Please contact me about your needs. 

Potential Locations: Howe Sound Crest Trail, The Lions, Brunswick Mountain, Mt Harvey, Wedgemount Lake, Squamish (Chief, Sea to Sky, Mt Habrich), Garibaldi Provincial Park (Garibaldi Lake, Panorama Ridge, Black Tusk), Whistler Mountain. Technical trails, steep mountain climbs and constantly changing conditions.



More than 4 people: $Negotiable. Please contact me about your needs.

Full refund due to cancellation, such as poor weather before the tour.

Partial refund due to cancellation during the tour if we have to turn back early due to unexpected conditions.


Contact me:



Instagram: @couchtothesummit or @scramblingtothesummit

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