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Progress with the Two Minute Rule


We all know the famous quotes… 

“The longest journey starts with a single step.” 
“Rome wasn’t built in a day.” 

These are old statements that have stuck around, because we all know them to be true. 

I guarantee many people in the world are barely any fitter or healthier than they were five or ten years ago. This is zero or negative progress!! 

Never lose sight of the crucial importance of progression.

I encourage you to think big, but use slow patient incremental progression to get there. We often fail because we make the first steps too hard on ourselves.

It’s easier to keep doing what you are already doing, than it is to start doing something new. It means you need to make the initial steps of any goal realistically small and achievable. Ask yourself, what single small step can I do (no matter how small), a step I know I can do that won’t overwhelm me. Then you begin. It is that simple.

To reach your maximum potential, you have to start building from the base and increase progressively over a large number of years. Everyone has to start with the basics and then increase the volume and intensity each year.

Small achievements will add up exponentially and over a long enough period of time you can achieve great things—seemingly out of the realm of possibility on first thought—that make other people go wow, how on Earth did they achieve that. You will even think to yourself, how on Earth did I do that!

I urge you to implement the Two Minute Rule. It’s easy to do something for two minutes. Anything! It really is. It’s just two minutes. That is 1/7200th of your day. Get started on anything you want for yourself for two minutes, and soon, you will be doing it with full force.