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Coaching and Health Mentoring

The potential of the average person is like a huge ocean unsailed, a new continent unexplored, a world of possibilities waiting to be released and channeled toward some great good - Brian Tracy

I can help you achieve your health and fitness goals: Please learn all about me by clicking here first. On that page you can also find my athletic sporting CV and achievements.

You can also read more about my philosophy to health and fitness here.

I am interested in helping people of all abilities:

•    If you are unwell and have never exercised before I can help you. I can carefully help you transition toward a healthier future.
•    If your life is in disarray and you need general life guidance, let me help you get started without feeling overwhelmed. My approach is focused on consistency, on attaining small victories and building momentum through achievement stacking.
•    I can help you increase your fitness and overall vitality.
•    I can help with health mentoring, getting your nutrition preferences working for you and helping to heal by specific interventions or exclusions where necessary.
•    I can help with advice on how to be safe on outdoor adventures.
•    I can help you prepare for a race or competition with efficient science-based training plans.
•    I can help with pain management and overcoming acute or chronic injury concerns by teaching you effective self-management techniques I have successfully developed over a decade.
•    I can help elite athletes take their performance to the next level with cutting edge science-based workouts, nutrition, supplementation and biomechanical management.

I’ll show you how to make this reality happen in your life. Let’s make fitness fun and achievable.

Our process will begin by you answering a series of questionnaires designed to expose your personal self sabotaging behaviors, your current diet and lifestyle choices, the state of your biomechanics and your present approach to exercise and fitness. Please get in touch for a free consultation and we will go from there.

If you are interested in being coached please contact me:




My Aim

I am health and vitality driven rather than solely focused on competition. The goal is long-term health enhancement, rather than just a short-term outcomes. My aim is to get you as healthy as possible so you can achieve your goals and focus on your passions with maximum vitality no matter what they are. My coaching involves consideration of the Ten Elements of Health I integrate into my health philosophy:

1.    The Great Outdoors and Observing Nature’s Laws 
2.    Self-Integration, Mental and Emotional Health 
3.    Organisation, Vision and Achievement Stacking
4.    Movement and Aerobic Training
5.    Strength Training
6.    Biomechanical Structural Balance, Integrity and Pain Management
7.    Toxin Load and Detoxification
8.    Weight Management, Nutrient Density and Mineralization
9.    Timeout, Rest and Sleep
10.    Social Support and Community

I aim to integrate many health elements into a coaching service, because maximum performance in competition only comes about when you are mentally and emotionally strong, your diet is working well, you are managing your weight, you are sleeping well, you are injury free and your biomechanics are strong and efficient.

My core mission is to help you:

1.    Create a fitter more adaptable body that improves body aesthetics and helps manage and correct chronic pain.
2.    Develop a healthy mindset nurtured with balanced and grounded mental health principles. I aim to clarify personal self-identity strengthening your mindset, self-esteem and confidence.
3.    Integrate the health producing beneficial aspects nature offers the human species. 
4.    Use fun and adventure as crucial motivators to get you off the couch and to reach the summit of your own personal vision.
5.    Plan a flexible approach that manages time well and is both effective and practical. Most of us have demanding jobs and lives, so time and money for fitness can be in short supply. A fitness philosophy should not make excessive demands upon time and money to be practical.
6.    I am motivated to help people suffer less in their lives.
7.    Enhance your fitness and performance and get the most of your potential.


How I Can Help You

I continue to modify my own beliefs regarding fitness and health. I am constantly researching and experimenting with new approaches to athletic performance and optimal health. My methodology is a little different from the traditional methods of online coaching. I believe there needs to be space for mentally rejuvenating adventures and healing in my training approach, not just pushing the body in a quest for more and more. Sometimes this can be quite unsustainable and even unhealthy.

Most forms of coaching follow a structured approach, and some plans are completely uncustomised for an individual. While these approaches certainly work, I personally found a structured training program somewhat stifling and sapped a little bit of joy out of my outdoor activities. I wanted the ability to go on an adventure from time to time when the opportunity arised or when I mentally needed the time away, but the plan said I had to do intervals on a track. I think my coach found me a little frustrating to work with because I constantly deviated from the plan. 

I find traditional methods of training to be constraining for the majority of people. In certain cases, such as training for a specific race or goal, we can use a more structured approach, but we still need to be flexible when the body is not responding to training well, or there are other stressors in life impacting on your ability to perform. 

I personally found a more balanced partially unstructured style of training based on incremental improvements through more focus on fun and adventure, to be a more sustainable and enjoyable experience.

I believe being flexible and providing the body with the best nurturing and stimulus is the best pathway to success. I will search for holes and missing links in your approach, that we can fill in and make you a healthier and more active human being.

I will work with you to build a custom and continually flexible training approach. My approach factors in the uncertainties of life, including vacation, illness, personal or work obligations and what you are passionate about achieving.

I educate you to be able to eventually train yourself, not just be a listener or follower but to learn to take action for yourself. Our overall goal is to get you to a place of knowledge where you won't need my help anymore. I believe in building supportive friendships, where we learn from each other and become better versions of ourselves. I believe you can learn something new from everyone you meet.

I want to drive this point home. There is more to training than just getting fitter. It is important to use nature time for healing, stress relief and mental rejuvenation. Nature is amazing because it puts things in perspective and allows us to access parts of the mind and thinking we sometimes cannot get in an artificial environment.

Part of my training approach will be asking you to do things like taking off your shoes and placing your feet on the Earth. To sit quietly and listen to the nature around you. To breathe in the fresh air and feel present in the momentary experience you are having. This is just as important, maybe moreso, to performance than just pushing hard all the time.

We will mainly work together over email and occasionally video conferencing where required. If we happen to be in the same location, we can certainly meet for one-on-one coaching in person where possible.

How much does it cost?

I believe anyone should be able receive help to overcome an unhealthy lifestyle and begin moving toward a healthier future. I truly care and value helping people become better versions of themselves. With a healthier body and mind, all other areas in your life will start to improve. 

Sometimes the darkest moments, we are not in a position to finance our way out of the hole we find ourselves in. So, I operate under the policy of an honor system where I don't want anyone to be excluded. 

Part of my coaching includes care toward your psychological mental well-being and a strong focus on improving self-identity and developing integration with your core value system. Trust, honor and integrity are important values behind my approach to life.

I am happy to work with you regardless of how much you pay. You choose what you are comfortable of paying and you may adjust the amount at any time. I will offer the best service I can provide within reason. 

The only caveat is you must pay something on a monthly basis (my time is valuable and I cannot provide something for nothing) and my highest paying clients will be given the highest priority. 

If I am successful in helping you achieve your goals and improving your health and future, please consider paying the amount you feel the help you received is worth to you.