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Dance beautifully in the box you are comfortable in

00 Oct 30 - Hires

Some people give up on exercise because they don’t enjoy the type of exercise they are doing enough to make it a regular part of their lifestyle. Life is short, so why spend it doing something you barely enjoy? If you are forcing yourself to do something you don't enjoy, this also causes stress to some degree. 

Better mental health may only be accessible from enjoyment in what you are doing in life. Many elderly people report this. Find something you are passionate about and love to do. This is why it is important you don’t set out to improve your health just for the sake of doing so because this is what the world says you must do. It is the wrong mindset and it probably won’t be helpful to your mental health. You will eventually give up if you have to force yourself to move. If you perceive exercise to be associated with hard work, suffering and difficulty, then exercise might always feel that way. 

Find a passion that makes you move. It really doesn’t matter what you do if you are outside and moving. I like the saying, “Dance beautifully in the box you are comfortable in.” Everybody’s box is different, meaning there is no right way any of us should live our lives. I believe finding your passion and giving it your all is the best approach to life. It is really hard to make yourself interested in something you don’t really care much about. Interest is one of those things that manifests itself and grips you; you’re then compelled forward by your interest. If you can find your passion and live successfully within that box then you can say to yourself: “I have lived a succesful life.” I read somewhere meaningful success is using your passion to truly inspire someone else to create and find their own passion. This is why I enjoy photography and sharing my passion for the mountains through my own perspective of the world.

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Please feel free to share your passion for the mountains below. How does nature inspire you to move?

The photo was taken on the Hahnenkamplspitze, near the Achensee lake in the Karwendel mountains in northern Austria.