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New Film: EC Manning - Skyline

I am happy to premiere Couch to the Summit's new trail running live-action film "EC Manning - Skyline" featuring myself and my friend Brian Clements, as we team up to showcase the beautiful fall colours and the fantastic views along the Skyline Trail in the EC Manning Provincial Park, BC, Canada.

This video is why I love Canada and also trail running. I love being able to share the trails with friends, push through this terrain and experience these beautiful places ...and still be home for dinner. This video features a lot more longer stretches of running footage than previous videos, around Vancouver its hard to get scenic trails that are non-technical - so it ends up being more of a scramble than a run. We were able to get some nice smooth (for the most part) stabilized footage as we sped through the beautiful fall colours and wide vistas of the mountains on the US/Canada border.

Thanks to Brian for this help filming too ... this man is a beast, at 50 years old killing it on the trails for hours all day while not even eating anything until he gets home. Super inspiring!