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New Film: Howe Sound Crest Trail

I am happy to premiere Couch to the Summit's new trail running live-action film "Howe Sound Crest Trail".

Howe Sound Crest Trail is the latest trail running live-action film, filmed and produced by Couch to the Summit's James Stewart. James' goal is to share the beauty of stunning mountain ranges across the world, bringing the experience into the living room's of people who may not ever get the opportunity to view such scenery, and also to inspire people of all ages and abilities to choose healthy lifestyles and get active so they can experience the beauty of nature for themselves. Canada’s Howe Sound Crest Trail is a challenging 27km trail in Vancouver’s north shore mountains, traversing multiple peaks along a mountain range crest that runs parallel to the Howe Sound inlet - with stunning views of the Howe Sound, nearby peaks, the famous Lions, and multiple alpine lakes. Join Team Bremner as they showcase this beautiful trail with the goal of sharing adventure and having a laugh! Team Bremner is an adventurous trail running team led by Terry Bremner, owner of Bremner’s Foods. The team advocates living an active healthy lifestyle and we “practice what we preach.”

If you are a runner and are interested in me filming an inspiring adventure, please feel free to get in touch and send me your idea and we can discuss more. Contact details are here.