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Vancouver 100 - A Short Trail Running Film by Couch to the Summit

I am happy to premiere Couch to the Summit's new short trail running live-action film "Vancouver 100" featuring the first 40km of Herman Alagao and Joseph Cossey's run in the Vancouver 2020 100km "fat ass" trail run. This film is about the journey and experience of trail running in the diverse conditions of Vancouver's front-country mountains. I recommend you watch in the highest quality HD setting on Youtube "HD 1440p" due to the live-action motion.

The Vancouver 100 is an annual event held in early June, as a double traverse of the Baden Powell Centennial trail in Vancouver's north shore mountain range. The typical course starts in Deep Cove and heads west along the front of Mt Seymour, Mt Fromme, Grouse Mountain, then up and over Black mountain in Cypress Provincial Park and down to Horseshoe Bay before returning back on the same route. This year, due to the Covid-19 outbreak, the event asked for participants to space apart and run any time they wanted over an entire week rather than a single day, and to choose their own course as long as it did most of it on the Baden Powell trail. Herman and Joe chose to start from Cleveland Dam - traverse over Black Mountain then head back the same way to Cleveland Dam (first 40km), and then out and back to Deep Cove. Conditions in 2020 were particularly challenging with delayed snowmelt and rain making for muddy and slippery conditions.

Couch to the Summit's James Stewart ran the first section over Black Mountain with Herman and Joe filming them along the way (also picking up Brian Clements half way through). The film came together in only 48 hours from discussing the idea the afternoon before, running and filming the next day, and final production the day after. This meant the logistics of filming the entire run were not possible (on my end) unfortunately since on the short notice, my legs were not fresh enough for anything more than 40km. I'm happy with how the footage came out - a lot of wiping raindrops off the lens and trying not to fall over.

If you are a runner and are interested in me filming an inspiring adventure, please feel free to get in touch and send me your idea and we can discuss more. Contact details are here.